Tevendal Ltd

Tevendal Ltd, focuses on the highest quality paper and non-woven packaging design, production and sales.

We provide standardized professional production equipment, as well as dozens of senior designers, hardware and software engineers and operators with more than twenty years of experience.

With daily production capacity of up to 150,000 pieces. At present, the business scope covers retail, clothing, catering, cosmetics and other industries to suit.

We can accommodate any type of design request, also paper quality thickness, and handle type request.

We are a one stop shop and deal with all so you don’t have to including the placement of orders, shipping and delivery to your designated storage location.

Paper Bags

Non-Woven Bags

Gift Boxes

Address: 14 Evrota Street, 7100 Larnaca, Cyprus
Email: sales@webinhouse.com

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