About Us

Webinhouse began by specializing in online solutions. Our first collaboration being with Product Me from Greece, a digital signage all-in one hardware and software solution, highly efficient and low-cost. Click the link below to view images of our collaborations including Beautyline, Holland & Barrett, CTC Group, Epic, Four Seasons and Amathus Hotels among many others.

Soon after a connection was made with Glove Technologies, working closely with the retail industry across Cyprus providing mainly security antennas and peripherals among many other products and services. Webinhouse is Country Manager for both of these projects.

In addition, following the theme of online solutions we are proud to partner with Blend Digital Agency as their Sales Consultants. Click the link below to view their award-winning excellence of web design / implementation and digital marketing. https://www.blenddigital.com/case-studies/

We are dreamers, we love challenges and we are open to all sorts of high-quality ideas, expanding however and whenever, not just in Cyprus but across the globe. Our main abilities involve networking. We have a huge database of contacts in all industry fields developing deep trust over the years.

Our endeavours through networking have meant we have connected the dots as mainly sales consultants and along the way providing such things as vehicle tracking for McDonald’s delivery service, and now also providing paper / non-woven eco-friendly shopping bags of high quality and lowest prices to retail stores.

We are open to anything, for those who would like to partner us. Our latest project includes sales for laptops and desktop computers, offering the highest quality and lowest prices with international warranty. Please click the link below for our latest list available. We also accept specific tech specification requests.

It’s very important for us to see all projects through from start to finish with the highest level of professionalism, we never take on too much so as to compromise on quality, knowing that especially in Cyprus word of mouth is the best form of marketing. We do not have rules, we do not set limits of what we can and cannot do, we just take on quality collaborations and offer great value. A very simple formula, AND WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!

Further to what we currently offer, we are listening out for new ideas, and hopefully new fruitful collaborations. We can definitely open doors as we have done successfully in the last few years in so many ways. We turn ideas into profits, we have the knowhow and expertise and bags of energy!

Please call to find out more. My treat for coffee or lunch to discuss in more detail!

Panayiotis Stavrou,

Managing Director

Address: 14 Evrota Street, 7100 Larnaca, Cyprus
Email: sales@webinhouse.com

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